1. Bobbi's Song

From the recording Take Me With You

Anthony Lai - Mandolin, Piano, Harmonica, Percussion, Bass, Vocals, Mixing
Josef Giese-Engineer
Eric Morgeson- Mastering


It's rare to find a heart like yours in a world so often cold. 
So loving and forgiving and so kind.
But the year had different plans for you. Your path is washed away.
You feel alone. You don't know how to face the day.

It's rare to see a face like yours in a world insincere.
You give me inspiration when you smile.
But now your loss has made it hard. It simply shattered all your will.
You've gotta find a way to climb back up the hill.

You've got a long road ahead. Please take me with you. 
You don't belong here in such an empty room.
It may seem small, but take a look at all the things you say and do.
She isn't gone, she's living on inside of you.
It's rare to find a life like yours in a world so out of touch.
So quick to see the beauty all around.
Don't let you passion fade. Don't be afraid of being on your own.
I'll be there to help you find your way back home.