As far as folk records in 2021 go, you won’t find many as emotive, exciting, and eclectic as Take Me With You. Definitely, give it a listen.” - Kartik Sundar

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...our hearts can rejoice even in the most complicated moments.” - Fabiano Menon

Rodie Music


Album details

Take Me With You is a collection of songs centered around the use of acoustic guitar, piano, and mandolin. You will hear an original style tinged with 1960s folk, modern bluegrass, contemporary choral music, and classical repertoire. Vocal harmony is also a staple of the sound. Within this record it you might hear vocal influences ranging from The Beatles and The Beach Boys, to the intricate part writing of choral composers.

Almost every track will bring a slight but noticeable shift in energy and instrumentation. The journey begins with a bang, as the opening track has a bit of the kitchen sink. From there the listener will be given a tour of tone colors as the album unfolds. The main instrumental palette is paired with a varied collection of woodwinds, mellotron, percussion, strings, and more--always serving to support the vocal and lyrics, even occasionally helping to "word paint" an image.

Take Me With You is a portrait of feelings and experiences. If you've ever felt longing or love, hope or despair, or just the spirit of adventure, you may find you can relate to this one.


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