1. Daydream

From the recording Take Me With You

Anthony Lai- Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Woodwind Arrangement, Engineer, Mixing
Nick Hamblin- Clarinet
Amanda Kawucha- Basson
Eric Morgeson- Mastering


I saw her out there in the summertime. 
Oh, was she glancing back at me? 
Somehow I think I knew 
That she was gonna be some kind of trouble, 
But I'm keeping this real: 
That's the kind of trouble I'd been looking for. 

Slip to a daydream in the summertime. 
Experience her once again. 
Oh how it was such a rush 
Anytime I'd make her blush 
And then I knew I found what I was looking for. 

If it were winter in that room, 
She'd be a flower still in bloom. 
If it were Autumn there instead, 
She'd be a tree that's burning red. 
If it were spring, she'd be a robin singing high into the sky, 
But it was summertime. 
And she was you.