Concert Music

Choral Music

Morning and the Mourning Doves (2020)
Premiere: Vanguard Voices and Brass, G. Kevin Dewey, conductor, premier date TBD

Duration: ca. 5'47"

Instrumentation: SATB chorus (with brief SSAA and TTBB divisions), piano, suspended cymbal, and brass quartet 

Text: Lucy Alessio and Anthony Joseph Lai
It feels so long ago...
Your voice, your touch, a chance to say hello.
I think of all that's gone--
A heather wing, the rising dawn.
Another day is blurring to another day,
And when darkness turns to black
I'll be somewhere looking back
When the mourning doves were sleeping.
Kettering Star (2013)
Premiere: Henry Ford Community College Concert Choir, G. Kevin Dewey, conductor, 2013.

Duration: ca. 4'30"

Instrumentation: SATB and piano

Text: Bobbi Scheffer and Anthony Joseph Lai
I see your star.
It's taking me back to a dream
With the whispering trees you can hear in the breeze.
I see your star.
I'm hoping you see mine.

I see your star,
Though the clouds have moved into the sky.
Still, it's taking me back to a dream.
Though my eyes are closed and sky is now grey,
I see your star shining;
Guiding my way.

Alleluia (2009)

Premiere: Renessance Voices, G. Kevin Dewey, conductor, 2009. 

Duration: ca. 2 min.

Instrumentation: SSA and piano with alto soloist.  (Also availble with chamber orchestration: Quartet)

Text: Based on John 4:16

Whoever remains in love, remains in God, and God in him.

Taste and See (2009)
Responsorial Psalm

Premiere: Renessance Voices, G. Kevin Dewey, conductor, 2009.

Duration:  ca. 3'30"

Instrumentation:  SSA and piano with alto soloist.  (Also availble with chamber orchestration: Quartet)

Text:  Based on Psalm 34

Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.

I will bless the Lord at all times.
His praise shall be ever in my mouth.
Let my soul glory in the Lord;
The lowly will hear me and be glad.

Glorify the Lord with me,
Let us together extol His name.
I sought the Lord and He answered me.
He answered and delivered me from all my fears.




Death of a Snowbird (2013)

A melancholy walk through old memories and the frustration of lonliness.

Premiere: 2nd Annual Broke Student Film Festival, Anthony Lai, conductor, 2013.

Duration: ca. 3'45"

Difficulty: Intermediate


9-5 Overture (2010)

For the working class.

Duration: ca. 6'20"

Difficulty: Professional

Instrumentation: 2.2.3(1Bcl).3(1Cbn)/

Critters (2008)

A lighthearted multi-movement work with a touch of political humor.
I. March of the Ants
II. A Spider and Its Prey
III. Mr. Jingles, the Circus Mouse
IV. Dubya
V. Swatting the Fly

Premiere: Members of the Wayne State University Orchestra, Anthony Lai, conductor, 2008.

Duration: ca. 7'40"

Difficulty: Professional

Instrumentation: 1(Fl/A.Fl).1(Cl/Bcl).0.0./



Terra Incognita (2008, revised 2020)

Motivic exploration on the alto saxophone.

Commissioned by: Donald Sinta

Duration:  ca. 5'30"

Difficulty: Professional

Instrumentation: Alto Sax, Piano

 Dreams of Hope (2006)

A "memory space" offering hope out of tragedy.  Dedicated to my friend and fellow composer Grant Anderson.

Premiere: Wayne State University Theme and Variation Concert, 2006.

Duration:  ca. 4'40"

Difficulty: Intermediate

Instrumentation: Piano, Vibraphone, Stratocaster