From the recording Take Me With You

Anthony Lai- Piano, Vocals, String Arrangement
Lucy Alessio- Violin
Joseph Deller- Violin
Leslie DeShazor- Viola
Tom Sullivan- Cello
Rick Robinson- Double Bass
Eric Morgeson- Mastering


I couldn't sleep.
All the thought in my head kept turning in bed.
Wide awake--couldn't take all the news I was hearing,
My faith disappearing and no one to throw me a rope...
Give me hope. Give me some kind of sign that the sun will still shine.
Tell me. Where did we fail?
When will good men prevail?

Sometimes I think that I just must be going crazy.
Could it really be true that we've taken it one step too far?
All the hatred and killing and the men that are willing...
Seems like lately it's too much to bare.
It's so crazy out there.

And look what we've done with our own world!!
Lying battered and bruised, Mother Earth is confused,
And we're borrowing time. But they tell us that everything's fine.

Even God must be crying; his creation is dying.
His own people just don't seem to care.
It's so crazy out there.

They would swear they were leading, but they'd leave us all bleeding.
They smile and call it all fair.
It's so crazy.
Crazy out there.