1. Glide Away

From the recording Take Me With You

Anthony Lai- Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Suspended Cymbal, Synth Strings, Mixing
Bonnie Schippling- Vocals
Rachel Common- Vocals, Piano
Alaina Volante- Flute
Rick Robinson- Double Bass
Josef Giese-Engineer
Eric Morgeson- Mastering


Out in the cold there's a warm little place. (In a way I have been there before.)
Around are your memories no one could erase. (But I'll see when you open your door.)
What I'll see when you open your door...

Glide away--it's your ballet until you say you're through.
You're out there skating. I'll be here waiting.
Let me stay with you.

I know what you feel when you hear it calling your name--
When life get's too real and you've given all in your game.
When your world is unfolding and all that you're holding
Are plans that don't always take shape,
And for all your arranging the wind keeps on changing
And everything's blowing away,

Glide away. Show me all you do and I'll stay with you.